Mollie payments for 2.0 forms in combination with recurring donations are a hot mess. These are the problems I have noticed, please note also that these have all existed for a long time, at least a year:
  1. I tested making renewal donations, I made 1 with IDEAL and 1 with creditcard. The result: the one with IDEAL only happened once, on the initial donation day itself. No renewals. On the creditcard I got 1 donation deducted on day 1, and on every day afterwards 2 donations (so 2 renewals, when I made only 1 recurring donation)!! It seems the IDEAL donation renewal were being renewed via the creditcard. I am sure I did this right and I can show evidence from Mollie, our PSP, which lists the same giveWP subscription ID number first for an IDEAL payment and later for creditcard renewal payments. Also of relevance maybe: when making the IDEAL payment, my bank account shows “one-time” as the frequency for the payment, even when I selected periodic (daily) in GiveWP.
  2. Subscriptions cannot be cancelled by donor, has to be done by site admin.
  3. The status of renewal donations is changed to "Complete" instead of staying on “Renewal”, which results in incorrect reporting of renewal donations in Google Analytics.
  4. Renewal donations are not assigned to the default investment fund but remain as "Unassigned" in the "Fund" column.
  5. Chargebacks (directdebit) are not set to “Revoked”.
  6. When someone makes a periodic donation they receive the following in “Thank you for your donation”-emails :
  • immediately: a single one-time donation receipt (not the periodic receipt) → this is not correct I think, should be the ‘periodic’ receipt
  • Upon every renewal: both a single one-time donation receipt + a periodic donation receipt → this is also not correct I think, it is confusing to receive two, this should just be the ‘periodic’ receipt or only the one-time receipt, or even better: a separate ‘renewal’ donation receipt.