Currently, PayPal Donations does not work with Currency Switcher on Visual Form Builder(v3) forms. When I have I have more than one currency setup, I can only make correct PayPal payments with the default/base currency.
If I try to make a donation with PayPal on any other currency besides the default/base currency, I get different errors depending on whether it is a one-time donation or a recurring donation/subscription.
For example, if I have US Dollars set up as my default currency and I have also enabled Euros, if I go to a donation form, and switch the currency from USD to Euros, and try and pay with PayPal, the following happens:
• On a one-time donaton, the PayPal window launches for a second and then closes. With some error messages in the browser's console window (see attached screenshot)
• For a recurring donation, PayPal launches with the correct amount but the wrong currency (e.g. if I selected €25 on the donation form, it shows up as $25 on PayPal). I am able to complete the transaction in the wrong currency (see attached screenshots).