As an admin, I want to be able to pull a customized, segmented report based on donor and donation activity. This could be an export. But ideally, it would be a visual report in the website dashboard we well as an export.
For example, I want to pull an export of:
  • Donors who have contributed to a particular campaign, above a certain dollar amount.
  • Donation averages per donors for a specific period of time.
  • Donors who have donated this year but not last year (lapsed donors).
  • Donors with the most donations this year over last year.
  • Recurring subscription totals on per donor basis, comparisons over years.
Currently, GiveWP users are connecting their donation data either manually or via Zapier to a third-party tool where these intensive reports are created. It would be really cool to see some of them directly within GiveWP!